24 October 2008

Introvert's Family Tree


BSharp said...

heheh. Nothin' like a bit of self-depreciating humour. (is that a treatise on nature / nuture, perhaps!)

B-introverts make the world go round -Sharp.

Anonymous said...

Change the initials and that would be my family tree, even to the dates

meririsa said...

I should warn that I have used some artistic license in my family tree...
And yes. Got thinking about introversion after a chat with J the other week - thought everyone in my immediate family are introverted (and ditto for C-chan), and how my son already shows traits of being introverted (and did from an early age!!). Very hard to pick the nature from nurture in this case!
But Ms Sharp, you do have extrovert tendencies at times, no?
Oh - and you should put "introvert" in the dictionary.com thesaurus, and see what comes up! I object!

BSharp said...

People have said that, yes.

I do appear to have more books listed on my facebook profile than friends, however.

And, well vive-la-difference, yin- yang and all. Introverts invent cool things like the internets so I can talk to my buds from the other side of the world for nothing! Yay to that.

Ps. I'm sure I've seen you do karaoke miss risa - in fact, I think I was on the same stage at the time.... ;-)

J said...

Cute tree Miss! Yes the book 'Introvert Advantage' is an absolute corker and I give it a big thimbs up. Learning to give yourself little breaks to top up your energy and other handy hints.
NB B - I'm too busy reading them to post them on FB... ;p

meririsa said...

More discussion over here, folks: