26 May 2010

When it rains, it pours...

Life has little fits of hectic-ness (bad English, I know), and I'm in the middle of one right now...
In summary:
  1. Friend/former colleage kindly recommends me to her boss for a 12 month part-time contract, which both interests me and would suit me just fine (both in hours and contract length)
  2. I send in my CV and hear nothing for ages
  3. I'm casually asking about child care for Astro-girl and am hopeful that she can go to the same centre as her big brother (I like the centre, it would only be one drop off etc etc, but it isn't the most convenient really since we moved house a couple of years ago...). Also need to look into Pre-school for E-chan next year. This rainy weather is not conducive to walking around the suburb applying for day-care!!
  4. Astro-girl gets sick for really the first time in her 10-month life, and has had night time screaming marathons, resulting in us all playing musical beds (her dad and I taking it in shifts to carry her around, while her brother is shifted into our bed so he doesn't have to put up with screaming).
  5. The place is a mess - dotted with toys that 2 kids have spread around, now that Astro-girl is mobile.
  6. E-chan decides now is a good time for experimental play resulting in dramas (e.g. plays in bathroom sink for a while, comes out saying "my tongue feels funny!!". After a few moments consideration, it seems getting soap on his tongue is the most likely explanation!! Immediate mouth rise operation initiated...)
  7. You-beaut event I arranged for Playgroup tomorrow cancels due to the flu!
  8. E-chan's child care centre confirmed there are currently no places for Astro-girl, and 2 other families with equal priority to me are also trying to get a place!
  9. Potential new employer (see 1 above) contacts me this morning asking if I want to meet this week (and yes, it's Wednesday!!). Which I do, but C-chan will have to take a few hours off to mind the kids.
I need sleep - more than the 5 hours I've had in the past 2 nights, anyway...

12 May 2010

Update on diet...

As I mentioned in the post before last, I have been trying a high-fibre breakfast so see if it has any effect on the eczema that has been troubling me more than usual lately.

Some result so far - the eczema around my eyes and throat has cleared for the first time in months! I'm impressed. My hands are wrist are another story, but probably caused by other things (contact with dust mites and detergents when cleaning for e.g.). But promising so far.

Mum's Day the Fourth...

And so I have survived until my 4th Mothers' Day*, and now have 2 children under my belt. Except one will be higher than my belt before too long! That's it for me and child bearing. I've never wanted more than two kids, so should we find we have room for more, it will be fostering or something like that. I would like to be able to help out someone less fortunate than myself. Not yet though.

Mothers' Day was hectic, as is the norm these days. My own Mum was staying at our place (and Dad), and we attempted to go out for a nice cafe lunch. Astro-girl has decided to start being difficult about sleep in the past few weeks (ie waking up more, won't always sleep in the pram, sometimes won't go to sleep in the morning, etc), but she actually fell asleep in the pram, after much complaining, just as we arrived for lunch. Our lunch order was stuffed up, and they waived the fee of one of our dishes, but my Dad didn't realise and gave the cafe staff a serve at the counter when he was paying! Embarrassing!!

My little boy decided to head butt his father on two occasions that day, too. On one of these, I came down the stairs to find him looking all sheepish in the Naughty Corner, and raised my eyebrows at him. He also put his hands on his hips and stared me down about something when we were arguing the other night. Not sure if this is the dreaded 4-year testosterone surge that little boys get... If so, am wondering if this is as bad as things will get with him, or can we look forward to worse from him? We've heard some horror stories about our friends sons recently. So far he's a gentle-natured little boy - he's smart, caring and sensitive, yet masculine. Much like most of the men that are close to me, and my preferred kind of male. At his worst he usually is just plain argumentative.

I am looking forward to seeing how his character develops. And my daughter's too, of course, but her character at 9 months of age is less apparent. I think she may be a bit cheeky! And determined. She's getting more vocal, too - I am destined to have no peace in my household!!

But I love my kids so very, very much, and I can't help but be a bit chuffed every year when Mothers' Day comes around, just because I am the mother of these two.

*hope I got the apostrophe in the right spot...