31 December 2008

Holiday Mode

Hope you are all having happy holidays!

Here's a vintage post (circa 2005) for some holiday reading.

I'm gonna lie down and rest...

24 December 2008

Meri christmas!

Dear lovely readers (all 4 of you)!

We'll, we're in a flurry of packing - we decided to fly to be with family (with carbon offset) quite recently. We'll be chasing santa on his present run on an early flight tomorrow morning (yes - that's xmas day), and having a brief trip to our home town. We opened some of our presents to each other today, so we don't have to cart them with us, so the excitement of it all is building. E-chan is getting old enough (2 1/2) to understand all the fuss of christmas this year!!

We've had what seems to have been a tiring year, and we're actually looking forward to just putting our feet up and not doing much!! I've been a bit sick recently, C-chan has had some hours from hell at work (the sort of thing you hear about lawyers doing - 2 am finishes etc), and we've all run out of puff!

Time to rejuvenate the batteries, and come back to focus on installing ceiling fans and fly screens early in the new year. Hope you all have lovely christmases, and I look forward to reading your blogs next year!!