About me...

This is the blog of a thirty-something mother-of-two (see above) living in the inner-west of Sydney, Australia. I write about juggling family life, paid jobs (remember when we called them careers?), trying to be healthy, and doing things I love, with the people I love.

(And yes, that is a vacuum cleaner in the background of the photo... and a randomly dumped plastic bag on the floor. And my Son's not dressed yet. So what?!!)

I'd like to think of this blog as a series of fireside chats. Except people rarely write back. And we don't have a fireplace (this is the inner suburbs of Sydney, Australia, after all...). We have a gas heater, but you wouldn't want to sit too close to that. And we rarely need to turn it on. In fact, our most often-used climate-adjusting appliance is our ceiling fans. And it is better to lie down underneath the fans and stare at the blades. It's not the sort of place the family gravitates to after supper. Hmph.

But anyway, you are welcome to visit, comment, say if you find something interesting or funny, correct me (politely) if I'm wrong, tell me your thoughts, or whatever. Let me know about your blog if you have one, as I may like to read it!

I'm not interested in selling stuff, or advertising stuff on my blog. Comments of a purely commercial or offensive nature will be removed - it's my blog, and I get to decide, I reckon.